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Jan. 30th, 2008


Life, Love, and the Crazy Pursuit of Happiness!

So I had an interview on Monday in Savannah....loved the town (absolutely freaking gorgeous) and loved the guy that would be my boss.  I am still waiting for them to finish all of their interviews to hear if they want a second interview.  But I still haven't heard from my former arena to get an interview, which is really starting to worry me.  The job posting closed a week and a half ago, but I know that since it has to go through the university it is going to take forever.  I just don't know how long to wait until I should give up hope on them.  I am hoping to delay the Savannah interview process because if I had my choice, I would choose the Gainesville job, but I dont wanna screw myself over with Savannah.  At any rate, atleast I am finally getting interviews.  I guess that's a good sign!  :)

Meanwhile, Cy seems like he is getting really excited about my trip to Germany, which makes me even more excited (if at all possible.)  He emailed me this morning that he wants to take me skiing on Sunday after we get back from Munich, which I haven't done since I was 13!  However, I think my ass might be hurting from the number of times I bust it on the slope since it's been so long.  Along with that, he is actually offering to take me shopping to a place just over the Czech Republic border!  I warned him that I do in fact have a bipolar shopping personality that I don't typically subject any man to, as no man should ever have to endure that side of me.  (I believe Danielle has seen what I'm talking about.)  But he insists he wants to take me cause he knows how much I absolutely love shopping.  So he can't say I didn't warn him!  He has also told me he is going to cook me dinner, among other things so I am soooo freaking excited!  I don't know if I can make it another 4 weeks cause I like him waaaay too much.....thanks Danielle for this hook-up!  :)

My great grandmother has been having a lot of chest pains lately, but hospice has released her because she has magically gotten a lot better without any medicine.  Her pneumonia is basically completely cleared without any drugs, which apparently is medically impossible.  But she is still refusing any medications, so we will have to see how the next couple of weeks go.  She is being moved into a nursing home at this very moment, which she is not looking forward to.  She does not like to be looked after and taken care of, and is very independant.  She has not been able to walk since her heart attack, so they want to start her on physical therapy to teach her how to walk again.  She is 100% against this plan, as this falls into the category of being taken care of.  But my grandmother convinced her that she would be able to take a shower and use the bathroom on her own, and all of a sudden she was thrilled at the thought of physical therapy.  It's amazing what the thought of peeing on your own will do to ya!

Jan. 25th, 2008


what. the. hell.

 oh what a freaking day....to start, my driveway is completely covered in ice because my entire neighborhood water runoff is down my driveway.  there is no ice anywhere else but my driveway.  my neighbor, jessica, was trying to get out to make a hair appt and slid out, just missing plummeting down the hill on the side of our property.  so while we are chatting about her newly single status (she just broke it off with her emotionally abusive and very violent fiance, who happens to live with her) a truck is parked blocking the entire street and our driveway.  we were inside, and didnt see the truck parked or who parked it, until the person was gone.  we went to our neighbors house to see if it was their's.  (your visual of our neighbors - they just adopted an abused pit bull, they have a trampoline with holes in it in their front yard, and they have more yard art/junk than a trailer park.)  no one answered their door, so we called the police dept, as every car that tries to drive by lays on the horn and the neighbors knock on our door to bitch us out.  the good ol' po-po told us to call 911 and that it wasnt their problem.  an hour later, no one had come to take care of the truck, so i called 911.  after several rings, i get this message "thank you for calling 911 emergency.  no one is able to take your call right now, but if you are patient, you will be connected with a 911 emergency operator as soon as possible.  thank you and have a great day."  glad i wasnt being raped.

eventually the redneck neighbors came over and said it was their nephews truck, but he just parked the truck, and left.  they didnt know where he was.  who the hell just parks their vehicle in the middle of the road and says "peace out."  meanwhile, our hot neighbor in the next townhouse brought all of his shovels over and starting violently banging on the ice to break it up and got jessica's car out.  my hero! 

and the police never showed up.  i need a cocktail.  gotta love atlanta.

Jan. 23rd, 2008



So I am sitting here waiting to digest my breakfast (yes I know, lovely thought) so I can go run with my bitch....I mean my dog.  She is so freaking excited to go for a run that when I whipped out the ol' running shoes she starting jumping around and making talking noises.  There is just entirely too much fun on a run....so much to stiff and so many places to pee and poop.  It truly is thrilling.

My great grandmother is still hanging in there.  I guess hospice has a maximum time limit for patients to stay, and I don't know what that time limit is, but apparently the doctor doesn't think that she will leave hospice alive.  At any rate, she is yelling at the nurses who touch the family pictures that my grandmother brought her, she kicked my great aunt (she is kind of insane and annoying) out of the room, and she is complaining about the food.....so she is atleast acting like herself.  She has said that the only family member (other than my grandmother, who is her main caretaker) that is allowed to visit her is me.  I don't know why I am the chosen one, but it might be the fact that I am the only family member that is not in Gainesville with her, so she knows it will be hardest to get me down there.  Or perhaps because she finds me to be the most charming (that's when you know she has to be ill.)  Who knows at this point.

I am still waiting to hear about any of the jobs I have applied for.  The ones I applied for in Kentucky, Alabama, Miami, and Savannah are all still posted and open so I doubt I will hear anything soon from them.  But the job I really really really want in Gainesville closed last Friday, so I am really hoping to hear from them some time this week.  I don't want to get my hopes up, but if I get an interview with anyone, I think it will be them (hurry!  Knock on wood!)  I will most definitely keep all of you updated.

Meanwhile, Cy was absolutely freaking adorable yesterday.  We talked all morning through email, and then talked for about another two and a half hours online.  He kept talking (in guy terms) about how excited he was to see me, which made me that much more gitty!  He apparently has all these plans for when I am there, but won't tell me any of them, and he also mentioned something about going on a date.  I sure as hell hope there is a date, if I am going to freaking Germany to see his ass!  (A very nice ass at that, but still it was expensive!)  I will totally need some help shopping for what to wear on the plane, and the date, and while touring around Germany!  Darn....looks like I will have to take a shopping trip!  Woo hoo!  :)

Jan. 20th, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun

(no subject)

 After sleeping for 12 straight hours last night, I woke up to my driveway covered in 2 inches of ice.  It seems when the snow starting melting, it thought a great runoff path was my driveway, and then it froze in the middle of the night.  Guess I'm not going anywhere today.  And I was soooo looking forward to going to 27 Dresses (has anyone seen it?  Good, bad, or ugly?)  At any rate, my great grandmother was moved to hospice care yesterday morning and didnt take the move too well.  She was not looking good at all for quite some time yesterday, and then got a little better as she got more rest.  Last night she demanding that my grandmother come back to see her with nothing less than a chocolate pie.  Classic.  But I guess no news is good news....?

At any rate, I am not watching Sister Act on TV while finishing up the laundry that I fell asleep in the middle of last night.  Its amazing how productive and motivated you are when you get 12 hours of sleep!  I truly am a real live-wire on a Saturday night, I tell ya!  

Oh!  And GO PACKERS!  (Brett Farve and I are getting married soon....he doesnt know it yet, but he will be thrilled!)

Jan. 18th, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun

(no subject)

So I am about to start a Matthew McConaughey evening with How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, and Failure To Launch to get out of my slump from today.  My great grandmother, Lala, is being moved into a hospice tomorrow morning and keeps refusing food, but my grandmother is bringing her pictures to have with her, mostly of her late husband.  Along with this fun stuff, my ex-boyfriend-but-wasnt-my-boyfriend-cause-he-had-no-balls emails me today after I haven't heard from him since the day we broke up (but didnt really break up...see previous.)  When it rains it pours!

I am also so desperate for a job that I, a Florida graduate and true Gator through-and-through, just applied for a job at.....(GASP).....Auburn.  I preparing to be shunned by my peers.  But its a great job, great pay, and it is in a coordinator for their Operations and Facilities Dept in the Athl Dept, and from what I could understand is mostly in charge of their aquatics complex (their incredibly gorgeous, and fast, aquatics complex.)  So we will see....maybe if things don't work out with Cy, I can end up getting a cute southern boy at Auburn....although he cannot be an Auburn grad, because I require my men to have an IQ over 17.

I am also baking to get out of my slump tonight.  I'm making chocolate chocolate chip cookies, but not necessarily for the need for chocolate (although that does exist) but more so for the need of baking.  So therapeutic!  In case you are interested, this is what I'm making!  I'll let you know how they turn out....so far the dough is incredible!  http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Chocolate-Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-III/Detail.aspx
Girls just wanna have fun

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